James Panero
A new production of On the Town captures the spirit of New York City.

Eye on the News

Theodore Dalrymple
Lee Kwan Yew willed a well-ordered and disciplined society into existence.


Michael Anton
The epic story of the founding of the Golden State

Recent Features

Iran and the Lessons of History
Myron Magnet
With the pending nuclear deal, Obama courts dishonor—and possibly war.
The Alphabet of Satire
Stefan Kanfer
Rube Goldberg was a laugh machine for seven decades.
Macron Economics
Theodore Dalrymple
A minor economic reform leads to panic in France.
Policing Wikipedia
Matthew Hennessey
So what if someone from the NYPD edited Eric Garner’s Wikipedia page?
Beanie Baby Mania
Laura Vanderkam
A highly readable business book about a highly unusual bubble
More Less
Parade Blarney
Dennis Saffran
Organizers of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration renege on a promise to allow pro-life groups to march.
Springtime for Chaos in Ferguson
Matthew Hennessey
Sadly, the latest violence was entirely predictable.
Rude? Moi?
Claire Berlinski
Paris Diarist
A Real Downside to Any Deal With Iran
Michael J. Totten
It could push moderate Sunnis into an alliance with ISIS.
The Wrong “America Works”
Andrew Klavan
House of Cards borrows the name of a real-life jobs program that actually puts people to work.

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Christopher Hitchens
How a shared tradition of ideas and values—not bloodlines—can be a force for liberty
Autumn 2007

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Ben Boychuk in
The Press-Enterprise
| Let body camera experiment proceed
Ben Boychuk in
The Press-Enterprise
| Hazy polling on Riverside's pot measure
Howard Husock in
| Where Leonard Nimoy Learned His Craft--And What We Can Learn, Too
Aaron M. Renn in
| The Real Loser in Chicago's Mayoral Election
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