Winter 2000
Heather Mac Donald
A century ago, this outfit figured out how to fire the imagination of inner-city boys with nature lore, ritual, and a code of conduct stressing duty, honor, and manliness. That’s why today’s elites hate it.
Brian C. Anderson
You don’t have to be a believer to understand that religious values can uplift the poor. Too bad Catholic Charities USA has lost confidence in the power of those values and has embraced the welfare-state faith.
Kay S. Hymowitz
After Columbine, the whole nation— egged on by the press— is asking this question. The answer is disquieting.
Howard Safir and Peter Reinharz
This high-tech advance—the fingerprinting of the new millenium— could slash New York’s crime rate a further 15 percent. Let’s do it.
Howard Husock
The Community Reinvestment Act funnels billions to left-wing activists, while threatening to destabilize lower-middle-class neighborhoods.
Peter W. Huber, Mark P. Mills
By packing people into a small area and by using high-tech foods, fuel, and building materials, cities leave most of the earth free for wilderness.
Sol Stern
The nation has eagerly swallowed all of Jonathan Kozol’s prescriptions for what ails the schools. It’s a cure that has made public education less healthy than ever.


Roger Scruton


Peter Reinharz
As usual, the local paper just doesn't get it.
Louis Anemone
They let protestors reduce Seattle to near-anarchy. It never would have happened in Gotham.
Myron Magnet
Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign has brought all the advocates' discredited ideas back to life.
Stefan Kanfer
A big corporation finally says, "Enough," and refuses to sponsor cultural trash.
Robert Rector
Census Bureau inequality and poverty numbers are hugely misleading. Here's why.
Sol Stern
The chancellor became a captive of a dysfunctional system.
William J. Stern
When Republicans tax and spend, voters throw them out; when they cut taxes and slash regulation, they win.
William J. Stern
The Times hates tax breaks—except when it wants one itself.
Theodore Dalrymple
Adopting every foolish tenet of "progressive" ed, French public schools have become as bad as ours.


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
Bogotá Diarist
Theodore Dalrymple
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