Spring 1997
Theodore Dalrymple
Advocates have almost convinced Americans that legalization will remove most of the evil that drugs inflict on society. Don’t believe them.
Heather Mac Donald
It was no favor to the poor when the New York Times’s annual appeal, which for 85 years has voiced the elite view of poverty, decided that the needy were not responsible for their own fate.
Sol Stern
No education reform can succeed until teachers’ unions stop demanding work rules that subvert education’s basic building block: the interaction between teacher and students.
Eric Lane
Democratic lawmaking needs debate, hearings, committee reports—all the machinery that winnows compromise out of the clash of opposite views. You won’t find any of it in Albany.
Peter Hellman
For over a decade, an activist judge has made a shambles of New York City’s policy for homeless families.
Amitai Etzioni & Roger Scruton
Communitarians present themselves as champions of traditional social ties and opponents of the self-absorbed individual. But are they just apologists for the welfare state?



William J. Stern
Diane Ravitch
David Brooks
Richard E. Morgan
Sally Satel
Allan T. Demaree
Stephen Moore
Joel Kotkin
William J. Stern


Oh, to be in England
Greenwich Village Diarist
Gary Rosen
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