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Winter 1998
City Journal Winter 1998.
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An Agenda for Giuliani II
William J. Stern
Restoring The Opportunity City

New York faces a stark choice: restart economic growth or continue Gotham’s gradual, decades-long decline.
Sol Stern
School Choice: The Last Civil Rights Battle

Thousands of the city’s children languish in a gulag of failed schools that spans three boroughs. The mayor should use the threat—and the reality—of vouchers to force the system to reform.
Heather Mac Donald
The Real Welfare Problem is Illegitimacy

Putting mothers to work will never solve the welfare problem, if generations of new clients keep forming before our eyes. Mayor Giuliani should begin to change the terms of our social services.
Peter Reinharz
The Crime War’s Next Battles

Completing the mayor’s legendarily successful war on crime means tackling guns, school crime, and a flare-up of subway robberies. Here’s how to do it.
Jonathan Foreman
Toward a More Civil City

When the mayor improved New York’s quality of life, the city benefited hugely. Here are three easy ways to enhance it further.
Heather Mac Donald
CUNY Could Be Great Again

The sixties turned the once-proud City University into a backwater of remediation and race politics. Time to change its course.
Howard Husock
Let’s Break Up the Big Cities

Joining the five boroughs into one big metropolis 100 years ago was a big mistake. Here’s why smaller is more efficient and more democratic.
Leo Trachtenberg
Philanthropy That Worked
Theodore Dalrymple
Trash, Violence, and Versace: But Is It Art?
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

Poetry and Self-Pity
Brian C. Anderson
Bronx Diarist

Trick or Treat?

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