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Spring 1998
City Journal Spring 1998.
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Heather Mac Donald
Why Johnny’s Teacher Can’t Teach

Ed schools purvey multicultural sensitivity, metacognition, community-building—anything but knowledge.
E. V. Kontorovich
Why New York Can’t Build Schools

New York City spends $1 billion a year trying to get schools built and repaired, with little result. Reason: the School Construction Authority can’t do the job. Time to privatize.
Sol Stern
The Rebirth of American History?

In the schools, hopeful signs point toward a recovery of our national past—the glue that holds our common civic culture together.
Wendy Shalit
Sex Ed’s Dead End

Sex education is another one of those solutions that only make the problem worse. Let’s shut it down.
William J. Stern
Kamikaze Budgeting

How much economic damage will the city’s bad budget and the state’s worse one inflict?
Peter Huber
Gotham’s Hidden Infrastructure Boom

Private companies are churning out the telecom capacity we need to dominate the Information Age.
A Lower East Side That Is Vanishing
Jane Ridley
Architect for the Metropolis
Stefan Kanfer
The Newest American Credo
Leo Trachtenberg
Texas Guinan: Queen of the Night
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

What Causes Crime?
Jonathan Foreman
Belfast Diarist

Fractured, yet Whole

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