Summer 1998
Theodore Dalrymple
When you’ve seen anarchy, you properly value civilization.
William A. Fischel
In the name of fairness and equality, courts across the nation have outlawed using local property taxes to pay for schools. The result: worse education for all.
Hilton Kramer
How a once great journalistic enterprise became hip and trashy.
Heather Mac Donald
At El Puente Academy, progressive education’s quest for “relevance” produces mighty strange results.
Tucker Carlson
Republicans have won the national debate over economics. Now two leading mainstream presidential contenders are turning to the culture, determined to roll back the excesses of the 1960s.
Sol Stern & Bruno Manno
Thirty-three states boast charter schools—fully public schools demonstrably superior to those the public education monopoly runs. What’s keeping New York from climbing on board?
Sally Satel
Drug courts offer criminal addicts a choice: either enter and complete treatment or go to jail. Here’s why they’ve sparked such enthusiasm.


Harry Stein


Peter Reinharz
Sol Stern
Myron Magnet
Eugene Kontorovich
Carol W. LaGrasse
Jonathan Foreman
Erin Schiller
Jason Bertsch


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
Commencement Diarist
John Leo
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