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Winter 1999
City Journal Winter 1999.
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Sol Stern
The Schools That Vouchers Built

Now that Milwaukee and Cleveland have publicly-funded school voucher programs, we can see how vouchers work in practice. The verdict, after visits to four voucher-supported schools: a straight A.
Janet Daley
Progressive Ed’s War on Boys

In Britain, progressive ed banished competition and testing as harmful and elitist. Result: underachieving young males.
Diane Ravitch
Our School Problem and Its Solution

Education is more crucial than ever in today’s knowledge-based economy, yet the public schools languish in mediocrity or failure. We can fix them through competition and tougher standards.
Heather Mac Donald
Foster Care’s Underworld

Foster care, with its traffic in abused and neglected children, has become integral to the inner-city economy. Advocates, who should be horrified, are eerily calm.
Brian C. Anderson
How 211 Nobodies Strangle New York

For 25 years, New York’s antidemocratic Legislature has been hampering the city’s prosperity and quality of life.
Peter Reinharz
New York’s Protect-a-Thug Decree

Only New York’s highest court could come up with a ruling that makes career criminals harder to convict than first-time malefactors.
Portfolio: Graphic New York
Roger Scruton
Kitsch and the Modern Predicament
Stefan Kanfer
And on the Right, Charles Dickens!
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

Tough Love
John Leo
Morningside Heights Diarist

Academic Freedom

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