Summer 1999
Heather Mac Donald
For three months, the Diallo tragedy convulsed New York. But most accounts of it—the Times’s above all—were politically motivated distortions. The city is the worse for them.
Patrick J. Harnett & William Andrews
The secret is to uproot the local drug gangs, neighborhood by neighborhood.
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead
Kiss love and marriage good-bye. Today it’s hook up, break up, and get even. Is everybody happy?
Peter Reinharz
Coney Island and the Rockaways boast gorgeous beaches that any other world city would flaunt. Here’s how Gotham’s blighted oceanfront can glitter again.
Sol Stern
Glamorous, yes—but the Principal for a Day program drafts businessmen, who ought to know better, into the wrong army.
Kay S. Hymowitz
An unlikely coalition of middle-class volunteers brings help and hope to a down-and-out housing project.
E. Fuller Torrey & Mary T. Zdanowicz
New York can prevent the unmedicated mentally ill from committing violent crime by compelling them to take their medicine—just as the city cured its TB epidemic.


Roger Scruton
Francis Morrone


Stefan Kanfer
Brian C. Anderson
William J. Stern
Pia Nordlinger
Brian C. Anderson
Dennis Saffran
Peter Reinharz
Dave M. O’Neill


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
NYPD Diarist
Patrick J. Harnett
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