Winter 2002

Why We’ll Win

Victor Davis Hanson
Since September 11, we have heard mostly slander and lies about the West from radical Islamic fundamentalists in their defense of the terrorists.
Peter W. Huber & Mark P. Mills
At home and abroad, digital wizardry will keep us safe.

Family Policy

Heather Mac Donald
As the five-year time limit kicks in, and the reform measure faces renewal, Congress must reject advocates’ calls to go back to the past
James Q. Wilson
The cultural trends that gave us enlightenment and freedom now give us cohabitation and divorce.

New York City

Steven Malanga
Michael Bloomberg’s victory highlights New York City’s need for two parties, not one or none.
Brian C. Anderson
These infernal gadgets shatter urban civility, while doing not a nickel’s worth of good.


John H. McWhorter
Colleges justify racial preferences in the name of diversity. It’s a hokey defense of a bankrupt policy that they should scrap.
Jay P. Greene
GED holders do much worse in later life than high school grads. It’s time for some truth in testing.



George L. Kelling, William H. Sousa
New research refutes the “root-causes” theory of crime.
Stefan Kanfer
Viewers know that fairness doesn’t mean equivalence between good and evil.
Kay S. Hymowitz
A new report from sex-ed “experts” makes all the old mistakes.
Steven Malanga
The governor’s post–September 11 performance has left national Republicans groaning.
John H. McWhorter
A recent conference on black Americans descends into farce.
William J. Stern
Everybody else knows you need tax cuts during a recession.
Peter Reinharz
A bin Ladin dream-team defense, it don’t make sense.
William J. Stern
As they stampede leftward, they can’t do without Sharpton.
Theodore Dalrymple
Criminals have no illusions about how to fight crime.
Edward John Craig
A strong homeland defense requires secure computer networks, and hackers can strengthen them.
Steven Malanga
In the wake of September 11, the Empire State’s hospitals are up to old tricks.
Stefan Kanfer
A New York scoutmaster’s indictment explains everything.


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
Marin County Diarist
Kay S. Hymowitz
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