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Summer 2002
City Journal Summer 2002.
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Heather Mac Donald
The Black Cops You Never Hear About

Why doesn’t the press ask these guys if the police are racist?
John H. McWhorter
Why Blacks Don’t Need Leaders

We won civil rights long ago. Now success is up to individuals.
Victor Davis Hanson
The Civic Education America Needs

September 11 reminded us that this country is exceptional. How do we teach that to our kids?
Anthony P. Coles
How the Mayor Should Fix the Schools

Okay, he won control. Now, how should he use it? Here’s a blueprint for reform.
Kay S. Hymowitz
The End of Herstory

We’re all feminists now. But how come young women won’t call themselves that?
Brian C. Anderson
Why the Battle for the Court Will Be Nasty

For 50 years, the Supremes decreed the society the Left envisioned. No wonder liberals will do whatever it takes to keep control of the high court.
Heather Mac Donald
What Aerosols!

Will the graffiti fans at the New York Times ever grow up?
Steven Malanga
Gotham’s Unrepresentative Representatives

You can count on New York’s congressmen to vote against the city’s economic interest.
E.J. McMahon
City Journal’s Quality-of-Life Index

The numbers in this first installment of a new twice-yearly feature show how dramatically the city’s fortunes have improved by most measures.
Theodore Dalrymple
Why Havana Had to Die
Stefan Kanfer
America’s Dumbest Intellectual
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

The Rage of Virginia Woolf
Howard Husock
London Diarist

An Undismal Economist

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