Spring 2004
Heather Mac Donald
How the privacy advocates are subverting the War on Terror.
Victor Davis Hanson
Sooner or later, we had to face down Islamic terror. What took us so long?
Theodore Dalrymple
What the West can learn from the Muslim youths who throng my city’s prisons.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Here’s why social indicators, dismaying for decades, have turned positive.
Harry Stein
Voyeuristic and exploitative, yes, but it tells right from wrong.
Steven Malanga
Reactionary unions and their allies seek to deny consumers the bounty of America’s dazzling productivity revolution.
Sol Stern
Overreaching judges misdiagnose Gotham’s educational ills and will surely worsen them.
Steven Malanga
The national competition for bigger and flashier facilities will yield no economic boon to cities.



Steven Malanga
The real solution to Gotham’s poor bus service: competition.
William J. Stern
New York needs to clean up its unaccountable public authorities.
Brian C. Anderson
Why scholarship tax credits may be the way to go for the school-choice movement.
Ross Sandler & David Schoenbrod
The Supremes make it easier to escape rule by judicial decree.
Theodore Dalrymple
A competition to erect a new statue says a lot about today’s England.
Steven Malanga
Mrs. Kerry could make Mrs. Clinton look almost Republican.
Sol Stern
Okay, we’ll end social promotion. Then what?
Stefan Kanfer
The creator of The Cat in the Hat turns 100.


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
Boston Diarist
Howard Husock
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