Summer 2004
Kay S. Hymowitz
The gay advocates’ civil rights argument forgets what the Founders thought marriage is for.
Robert P. George & David L. Tubbs
What would be left of marriage if we adopt the gay advocates’ proposals?
Heather Mac Donald
Hispanic gang violence is spreading across the country, the sign of a new underclass in the making.
Steven Malanga
This untrendy middle-class haven, throbbing with ambition again, is an economic and political boon to New York City.
Sol Stern
Though attacked and belittled, George W. Bush’s education reforms represent real progress.
Michael Knox Beran
Progressive educators call it “drill and kill,” but learning poetry by heart empowers kids.
Howard Husock
“Section 8” vouchers were supposed to revolutionize subsidized housing—but only expanded it.
E. J. McMahon
City Journal’s Quality-of-Life Index shows only partial success for the Bloomberg mayoralty.


Richard Brookhiser
Stefan Kanfer


Myron Magnet
We’ve learned what uplifts—and what doesn’t.
Stefan Kanfer
This is technological progress?
Steven Malanga
A liberal study finds left-wing bias in Gotham’s papers.
Stefan Kanfer
New York pols get down and dirty.
Steven Malanga
Beware “studies” promising payback from tax-funded development on the Far West Side.
Stefan Kanfer
Christo puts one over on Gotham.
Theodore Dalrymple
The former president feels his own pain.
Steven Malanga
A federal judge dignifies a flimsy claim.


Oh, to be in England
Tuscan Diarist
Theodore Dalrymple
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