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Summer 2004
City Journal Summer 2004.
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Kay S. Hymowitz
Gay Marriage vs. American Marriage

The gay advocates’ civil rights argument forgets what the Founders thought marriage is for.
Robert P. George & David L. Tubbs
Redefining Marriage Away

What would be left of marriage if we adopt the gay advocates’ proposal?
Heather Mac Donald
The Immigrant Gang Plague

Hispanic gang violence is spreading across the country, the sign of a new underclass in the making.
Steven Malanga
Why Queens Matters

This untrendy middle-class haven, throbbing with ambition again, is an economic and political boon to New York City.
Sol Stern
Yes, the Education President

Though attacked and belittled, George W. Bush’s education reforms represent real progress.
Michael Knox Beran
In Defense of Memorization

Progressive educators call it “drill and kill,” but learning poetry by heart empowers kids.
Howard Husock
The Housing Reform That Backfired

“Section 8” vouchers were supposed to revolutionize subsidized housing—but only expanded it.
E. J. McMahon
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

City Journal’s Quality-of-Life Index shows only partial success for the Bloomberg mayoralty.
Richard Brookhiser
Hamilton, Our Founder
Stefan Kanfer
The Czarinas of Beauty
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

Multiculturalism Starts Losing Its Luster
Theodore Dalrymple
Tuscan Diarist

Discontent in Paradise

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